Fabric details that are necessary for your projects (hhotel, hospital, restaurant, cafe, spa center, gym etc.) are determined according to your personal taste and architectural thoughts. A board work is prepared with the fabrics that can be match with your requests. Example board works with alternative upholstery and drapery fabrics which are specially made for your Project are offered to your liking. After you choose your project’s materials and all detailed measurements of your plan was taken, production will be started in desired sizes and materials with the latest technology and standarts.


The fabrics will be delivered to the atelier for making professional planting process after weaving phase was completed.

After sewing process has completed, your project’s (hhotel, hospital, restaurant etc.) finished products will be delivered to the installation team.


With on place application and installation, our projects are finilized on time after obtaining your satisfaction.

Your project’s products which was sewed smoothly will be assembled on-site by our experienced crew.

After production is completed, linen, table cloth or towel group of products will be delivered to the desired address by our crew.


Our expert staff and trained service team will provide all the technical support you need even in the smallest problem. For our team, being easy accessible is a part of our business.